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{ E V E N T: p r e p a r e . f o r . c o m b a t }

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 9:53 AM


Good morning, CVs! Rise and shine, it’s 6AM and you all have work to do! No sleeping in allowed!

— Ehh? What do you mean “what do you mean”? Work! Each and every one of you is scheduled to start your training regiments today! Now, don’t tell me you forgot already?

... You didn’t even sign up? You weren’t aware we were doing this?
I could've sworn I told Dr. Givral to send you all a message...

Hm. Well, anyway, you all need to learn to be prepared. Surprise, it’s mandatory!

You never know when we’ll be called upon to aid in a mission on mainland or what have you, and you want to be well-prepped for that circumstance! It’s dangerous out there, and like hell we’ll let you guys go over there without any experience in how to handle yourself physically. That’s why you have me, as well as eventually Shades, to help you!

My name is Anouke Dendara.
I am the Combat Specialist here at the Pacific Island Lab, and one of the Solo SYNs. You’re all going to learn how to throw punches, dodge and counter, and kick some asses!

So, what are you waiting for? Get changed into your workout gear and meet me in the field behind the lab already! The morning is wasting away, little ones— let’s go!


See h e r e for information as to how points are earned and h e r e for the specific point values.

TEAMS: Determinants [vs] Experiments.

OBJECTIVE: to be the very best, like no one ever was
Go through each training regiment, which is harder than it sounds. An obstacle course has been set up to test your strength and ability to fight. Some decision targets are present. The prime objective is to strengthen your body without the use or aid of your powers!

LOCATION: NW of the island, in the empty area to the left behind the labs and recreational centre.
DEADLINE: [ 7 February at 23:59 EST. ]

REWARD: All points from the quest will go towards the upcoming Mission.

.cv. anouke by Baka-Alpaca If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

The event starts NOW!

{ b e g i n n i n g }

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 1:27 PM

We are glad to welcome you all back into the CellVation Laboratory. We're very sorry for that unexpected downtime; some things just get out of control. Hopefully, you're as excited as we are to have this running once more!

Some minor alterations are still being made-- but, for the most part, everything is done.

Keep in mind that, with this return, a few key points about the group have changed-- below are the changes, as well as some basic reminders!
    :bulletblue: CellVation is now invitation only. I will create either a journal exclusively about how to be invited or invite others, or put it in the FAQ-- regardless, that information will come soon.

    :bulletgreen: If you were a previous member and have not been re-invited back, and would like to be, please message the group. We will be more than happy to send you an invitation.

    :bulletblue: Please submit your group application to the group as soon as you can-- the new app sheets are in the resource folder of the gallery. You will not be allowed to participate in the event if you have not submitted your application to the group yet.

    :bulletgreen: You do not need to reapply with the same character, but you may do so if you choose. If you make any changes to a previous character's biography, please notify the group with the change.

    :bulletblue: However, please note: the timeline has reset. This means, in technicality, that the previous happenings of the group never happened. If you'd prefer to think of it, this is an "alternate" universe to the first run. Thus, character interactions are back to the starting point as if the previous group setting never existed.

    :bulletgreen: A new event will be posted soon to welcome you all back, as well as push some in-chat role-playing and character interaction. It was something that had been planned to do before the closing, and it seems like the perfect opportunity for it, now. I hope you all look forward to it!

    :bulletblue: We also have a new FAQ section in the Rules; be sure to give it a glance!

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please comment here or note the group. Thank you, and once again, welcome back!

{ e v e n t s .. m i s s i o n s }

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 9:50 PM


Occasionally, "Missions" will be administered. These involve putting one's training to good-use for a better cause. Missions can range from re-capturing an escaped CV to capturing and detaining a particularly violent enemy, monster, or criminal. The level of difficulty is expected to be high for missions.

Events, on the other hand, are usually simply for training. Occasionally, an event will be held to just keep the CVs on the island entertained and help unwind after a rough mission.

To earn points for a mission/event, all one has to do is draw the specific "theme" of it and submit the artwork (or roleplya log) into the appropriate folder. The points earned [see below for details] will then count towards one of the two sections (Determinants or Experiments).

why participate

Participation in events and missions is highly encouraged, both role-play and art contribution wise, but in the end is completely optional.

Once all the points are tallied and counted up at the end of the mission or event, the section with the highest score/amount of points wins.  The section with the lowest loses, and is then subject to the penalty event (if the loss is post-mission).

Considering penalty events are generally very humiliating and/or grueling, it's highly recommended you don't lose...

point systems

The doctors will keep a tally of the points as the mission or event goes on, and will be totaled on the front page for easy access. At the end of each mission, the scoreboard will be wiped clean.

event points

mission points

Click on the images to view the larger resolution. A Google  Doc version is also available to be viewed.

Points from the event carry over to the next mission.

:bulletblue: State which event or mission you are participating in.
    :bulletblue: Put POINTS for EXPERIMENTS (or) DETERMINANTS clearly in the artist's comments somewhere in order for the submission to be counted more easily.
:bulletblue: You may only earn points for your own team. Moderators count as points for only one as well, as determined by whatever type their main character is.

:bulletblue: You must submit the art to the proper folder.
    :bulletblue: The main folder is Mission and Events and within that folder are where the specific folders for the tasks at hand will be (e.g., "Mission 1").
:bulletblue: Submit roleplay logs to the appropriate RP Log folder, which will be located within the Mission or Event gallery of the current task.
    :bulletblue: It would probably be easiest to submit RP logs using the writer function. It's far less aggravating to use.
:bulletblue: Be sure to list the characters and users involved in roleplay logs so points can be properly handed out to all active parties.

:bulletblue: The artwork(s) must be relevant to the mission or event; otherwise, points will not be awarded. The image may be accepted into the folder regardless, however.

:bulletblue: Late submissions will not be accepted.



The losers of the mission are subject to the penalty game. For events, there is none. If one did not participate in either the mission or the event and they are on the side that lost, they then have the chance to stay in the group by submitting an image for the penalty game.

See the section below the guidelines for further information.

penalty games
:bulletblue: To complete a penalty event/game, the entire section/team is required is re-obtain at least 25-40 points [subject to change]. This is per section, not per member!

:bulletblue: Be sure to submit penalty art to the proper folder, which will be located within the "Missions and Events" main folder.

:bulletblue: The subject of the penalty event will be voted upon by members or decided beforehand by the moderating team.
    :bulletblue: Penalties tend to be a vaguely ridiculous or humiliating, or something that is hard-work (an example could be having to clean the lab in its entirety).
:bulletblue: Points are added up according to event-count standards at the end of missions (sketch for 3 points, coloured sketch for 4, etc).

Work hard, remember your teamwork, and may the best team win!
good luck


data vault

:bulletwhite: #1:Prepare For Combat! [ B E G I N ] [ E N D ]
HOST: Anouke Dendara . . . . . . . . . . WINNER: [ ? ]

:bulletwhite: #1: [ ? ]. [ B E G I N ] [ E N D ]
HOST: [ ? ] . . . . . . . . . . WINNER: [ ? ]
[ RESULT ? ]


{ c h a r a c t e r . c r e a t i o n }

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 9:42 PM

character creation

:bulletwhite: Experiments and Determinants are created on a molecular level. To create an Experiment, the cells for both the human and object must be broken down and then fused back together carefully. During this, genes are altered and added which control the super-human abilities. With Determinants the method is slightly different and involves complicated scientific processes, reorganization of genes, and methodical reconstruction surgery usually.

:bulletwhite: CVs will almost always display some sort of "physical" feature of the item they are merged with-- if not external, then internal. Experiments tend to show this much more often than Determinants, but it's not unheard of to see Determinants with things like tails and whatnot.

:bulletwhite: While Determinants are able to come from all over the world, from any country, Experiments have lived their whole life on one (or more) of the islands.
    >> Escaped CVs are always recaptured and punished severely when they are. This can be as extreme as death (few cases) or amputation of a finger/other appendage (i.e: arm or leg)-- lesser cases result in punishment via lock-down. Pacific Lab tends to only resort to lock-down.
:bulletwhite:  Prosthetic limbs do exist and are not all that uncommon. These can be obtained in the Medical & Engineering Center and inquired about within the Infirmary.

:bulletwhite: Each CV is assigned a number. This is solely for documentation purposes-- it is not for identification (i.e.: CVs are called by name, not number).
    >> All numbers are at least 3 digits but no more than 5. Avoid using all 0's as the CV's number. They may be included (e.g.: 089) but the number may not solely comprise of them.
:bulletwhite: Multiple CVs can be created from an object or object type-- however, a CV can only be fused and gain power from a single item.

:bulletblue: Definition: A being created by "hand" and from scratch. The cells of a human are combined with dematerialized matter of the object/item within a lab to create the being, with the powers being implanted directly into the genes of the Experiment.

:bulletblue: Shorthand: EX.

:bulletblue: Often better at controlling their powers, seeing as they've had them since birth; but it is not always the case.

:bulletblue: Because Experiments are not born from two humans (and thus, no parents), they do not have an ethnicity. Therefore, depending on their appearance at birth, they are "given" one or "adopt" one later on.

:bulletblue: Experiments do not have nationalities (country citizenship) until they are off the island and living at one of the mainland headquarters.  You needn't worry about that.

:bulletblue: Experiments are much more likely than Determinants to take on "fake relatives" (usually "siblings") in an attempt to create family. This is usually, but not always, "chosen" by finding another CV of a similar matter construction or like ability

:bulletgreen: Definition: A being that has had their human cells rearranged and merged together with the matter of an object/item later on in their life. The whole method is complicated, intensive, and often painful. This process is irreversible.

:bulletgreen: Shorthand: DT.

:bulletgreen: Determinants are often hospitalized after the fusion process for rehabilitation or sent back to the lab to undergo further surgery for complications that may have arisen. They are monitored carefully to ensure stability before being permitted to begin training with their powers.

:bulletgreen: When fused with an object as a Determinant, most to all memory is lost. The information retained is very limited, although some remember more than others (and some can be triggered).
    >> Some use this as a twisted coping mechanism for trauma. Some do become a DT earnestly, solely because of their desire to help people.
:bulletgreen: Determinants tend to have a harder time controlling their powers due to "recent gain" of them. Generally speaking, DTs are fused as children/young-adults, but they are never fused before the age of 13. There is no leeway in this.

:bulletgreen: Generally, becoming a DT is completely voluntary. There is sometimes a family compensation/pay for becoming a DT, to the point where it sometimes can be seen as being "sold."
    >> However, while some labs will still do the procedure regardless of what is wanted, Pacific Lab will NOT. Here, no one is ever "altered" without absolute consent (and they will NOT compensate). For further information on what labs will and will not do, see this journal.

:bulletwhite: Your character must have a full-body reference present on the application.

:bulletwhite: Be sure to provide a decent amount of information when applying. This includes a well thought-out history, reasonable personality, balanced and multiple listed strengths and faults, limited powers/abilities, etc.

:bulletwhite: An image of the item the character is created from is required. This must be drawn, and may not be a photograph!

Please be sure to fill out all of the following data in the artists' comments otherwise you will be rejected!

      CVs must have a first (given) and a last (family) name.
      Must be between 15 - 21. SYNs and INFRAs are the exception to this rule; they are allowed to be a few years older.

    (Taken) Ethnicity:
      Omit "taken" if character is a Determinant; and please do not use a "broad" ethnicity (Caucasian, Asian, European, etc).
      e.g.: DT#341 or EX#7802. Remember, it must be 3 to 5 numbers long!
      Experiment [or] Determinant.
      Either standard or metric.
      Remember to keep a healthy body weight-height ratio! Muscle weighs more than fat. It's also good to factor in how much the item the CV fused with weighs, as that does affect their build.

      The item that your character has been fused with or created from. It can only be non-living items. Absolutely no animals. If you are unsure, please ask.
    Powers and Abilities:
      Please bullet-point these, and keep them at a reasonable number (normal CVs should posses 3 or 4 at most), and relevant to the object the character is gaining power from.

      Please have at least a paragraph (or a detailed list) that properly explains how your CV acts and treats others. Do they get along with any of the doctors (notably, Givral)? Are they respectful to SYNs and INFRAs? Etc.
      Please list at least 4 for each.
      This can include development of powers and bonds if the past is not particularly excitement filled. It must be stated which lab an EX was created at, and DTs must have their place fusion as well as their age. For both: please be detailed, but try to keep it a reasonable length. If your CV transferred around you must specify why with a legitimate reason. Also remember that there are two Atlantic labs, the North and the South. Differentiate between them, if it is brought up!

    Additional Information:
      Anything else you deem worthy of adding.

:bulletblue: CV: Experiment Application by BakaAlpaca :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletgreen: CV: Determinant Application by BakaAlpaca :bulletgreen:

There are two applications-- one for Experiments and one for Determinants. Make sure you apply with the correct one!

If there are any questions regarding your application, character, etc, please do not hesitate to ask within the comments or by noting the group.

{ r u l e s .. f a q }

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 9:37 PM

:bulletwhite:  Be respectful of everyone; it's expected that you behave and treat all members (and guests) well.
:bulletwhite: This group is private and by invitation-only. Guests should feel free to enter the chatroom to visit and converse! We welcome outside chatter.
:bulletwhite:  We do not accept any affiliations.
:bulletwhite:  Please read through all the journals before you ask any questions!
:bulletwhite:  If you do have a question, please note the group and not the mods personally!

:bulletwhite: Do not spam and please refrain from advertising irrelevant links within the chatroom. Repeated offenses may result in temporary or permanent banning from the chat.

:bulletwhite:  Please keep sexual/adult situations (IC/OOC) out of the chatroom. PG13+ language is permitted, except in excessive use.

:bulletwhite:  AU (alternate-universe) roleplays are not allowed; however, genderbends, future/past/time-manipulation, etc. roleplays are allowed within the chats when there is no ongoing event-- but please make sure they can be inclusive to other members.

:bulletwhite: Super-human abilities do not mean you are allowed to "god mod" or "metagame." Verbal warnings will be issued if you are caught doing this, and harsher action may be taken if it continues.
:bulletwhite: Please remember that SYN and INFRA CVs are higher-ranking; they are meant to be respected and tough opponents. Black Fuses, by default, are stronger than all other CVs. Please keep these things in mind especially if roleplaying a fight scene.
:bulletwhite:  Under no circumstances may a CV be killed during a fight within the chatroom.
:bulletwhite:  Most importantly, remember to be inclusive of all other members-- but also have fun, as well!

:bulletwhite: All artwork must be completely yours.

:bulletwhite: Referencing or obtaining inspiration from other sources is permitted; however, tracing, base art, and stealing (be it character, design, or otherwise) is explicitly forbidden.

:bulletwhite:  Digital or (legible) traditional artwork is acceptable for the main application. All types of art-- such as flash, comics, pixels, etc.-- are permitted as submissions into the appropriate gallery folder.

:bulletwhite:  If you felt that an event or mission artwork was unfairly judged, or awarded improper points, please contact the group calmly and explain why you think the submission should be re-evalutated. Everyone makes mistakes, and we will be much more willing to fix any error on our end if you are polite and patient.

:bulletwhite:  1. Upon first offense, a verbal warning or slight reprimand will be administered.
:bulletwhite:  2. Temporary ban from the chatroom and/or group/event, as per moderator discretion.
:bulletwhite:  3. A longer ban will be issued, from both the chatroom and the group.
:bulletwhite:  4. Exile from the group entirely.

There is no leeway in these rules; you are expected to know and understand the above terms. Ignorance is not an excuse to not follow the rules.


:bulletwhite:  What exactly is the CellVation Project? What is the group setting?
    CellVation is a futuristic science-fiction roleplaying group. It takes place on Earth in 2511. "CellVation Laboratories" is the general name of the 5 places behind the creation of item-fused super-beings, dubbed Experiments and Determinants (collectively called CVs). The Labs specialise in training their CVs and preparing them for combat on mainland, as well as improving control of powers and their overall physical endurance and strength. This group takes place on the Pacific  Lab Island.

:bulletwhite: How do I join and submit my app to the group?
    The group is now by invitation only and is thusly not accepting applications to become a member. We apologise, but it was a change that was deemed necessary.

:bulletwhite: How would I be able to be invited?
    In order to be invited, you must (essentially) be approved by the admin (BakaAlpaca). A more detailed explanation for invitations and applications will be posted soon in order to answer any questions you may have.

:bulletwhite: Do I need to be active?
    The group is now far more lax than it had been before, and thus activity is not required. We do welcome it, however, and highly encourage it-- but you do not risk being kicked out if you are not active.

:bulletwhite: What are the laboratories' goals?
    CVs were, to the general public's knowledge, created to help save and protect the world from the monsters and criminals that must be captured, defeated, and/or annihilated. Overall, the long-term (and secondary) goal of the CellVation Lab is to create a new "sub-species" of humans with naturally passed-on genetic powers (i.e.: second generation CVs). They hope to invent the new "norm" with this idea. :bulletwhite: Do CVs know about the lab's goals to replace humans?
      No. CVs do not have knowledge of this. This is information exclusively for you, the member. The only CVs that would know are Black Fuses.
    :bulletwhite: Am I allowed to have more than one character in the group?
      Yes, members are permitted one additional character. They must adhere to the same guidelines, and must be checked with the moderators before they will be accepted. Mods, being in charge of NPCs, do not have a two character limit.
    :bulletwhite: Why is the lab split into two buildings?
      While the lab was originally two labs in itself, with one for the creation of Experiments and the other for the creation of Determinants, it has been remodeled to accommodate for other uses. The dorms are on the first, second, and third floor of the building and do still adhere to the Determinant-Experiment split.

:bulletwhite: What is "mainland"?
    Mainland encompasses all the continents and such, holding at least a hundred bases. Mainland is where CVs go once they are finished training on any of the islands. Really, this is information and specifics you don't need to worry about; if you're curious, however, please see the full mainland information located on tumblr.

:bulletwhite: Can my CV be fused with anything?
    Yes, so long as it is not living and never was. If it's an object (man-made or natural, like a rock), it's able to be fused with someone. Just keep in mind that a power has to come from it! Some things more than others are difficult to create reasonable abilities from.

:bulletwhite:  Is there a uniform I have to follow?
    There is no official dress code or uniform. Simply keep in mind, though, that it would be best to wear clothes that don't really get in the way if a CV would need to fight, clothing that easily falls off, or ones that would be considered hard to move in.

:bulletwhite:  Does my character need to be able to fight?
    While it is not technically required, it is highly recommended that all CVs have some sort of fighting capability or at least the capacity to learn.

:bulletwhite: Where does the DNA for Experiments come from?
    DNA is either donated by a willing participant or supplied by the doctors themselves. Other methods are: DNA from a recently departed (generally an infant); fabricated DNA; cloning from an existing CV (rarely used).

:bulletwhite: Do Experiments have parents?
    No, they do not. They are not even considered "related" to the human(s) they received their DNA from as the genetics are so immensely altered.

:bulletwhite: Do humans ever get kidnapped to be fused into Determinants?
    Yes. There have been cases of kidnapping for CV-creation purposes. Nearly all of the incidents are top-secret, confidential, and basically eliminated from history.

:bulletwhite:  You mentioned that CVs could transfer labs. How does that work?
    It is entirely possible to transfer from lab to lab, or transfer multiple times (level of difficulty doing so varies from each location). It's essentially filling out paperwork and submitting the request to whoever the head doctor is. However, a valid reason must be presented in order for the idea to even be considered. Behaviour and ability also play a part in the decision to grant or deny the request.

:bulletwhite: What are valid reasons for transferring?
    Generally, the reasons for transferring are: misbehaving severely/repeatedly; a severe lack of control in powers; or the original lab location for the CV is disadvantageous for them. Other reasons are few and far in between and generally the ones outside of those three are ignored.

:bulletwhite: Is it required for my character have their number (e.g.: #0473) on their body somewhere?
    Sometimes CVs have their numbers tattooed onto the body (usually a place covered by clothing), but it's not required at the Pacific lab. Other labs may have other rules (e.g.: The Arctic always tattoos their CVs, especially EXs they created.)

:bulletwhite: I read the Arctic Lab will "Black Fuse." What is this?
    "Black Fusion" is a process used solely in the Arctic Lab. It utilises a special sort of crystal/ore in addition to the fusion item and DNA. If the process is successful, the ore causes loss of certain (or all) attributes (i.e.: emotions, and sometimes physical attributes). However, the ore also tends to give powers that are not generally found from the item. If one is fused unsuccessfully, generally only partial traits are lost. If the process was a failure, one may be only incapable of "fear." The CV may however receive a special ability still: telepathy and telekinesis are not a result of an item, but the ore's property.

:bulletwhite: Are Black Fuses evil then?
    Not all are "evil" and even then, the term is very relative with a lot of grey area. Because black-fused CVs are void of, generally, a sense of right and wrong, they are often regarded as the villains... but usually without really realising it. They are the reason the normal CVs have such a bad reputation on mainland concerning humans, but they are not always terrible people.

:bulletwhite: Is my character allowed to be a Black Fuse?
    Members are not allowed to create a Black Fuse, or to even have any sort of mention of the ore or black fusion process within their character profiles.

:bulletwhite:  What is a normal day/week/life for a CV?
    It varies from CV to CV, but a day may consist of training, schooling (if under 18 and applicable), and leisure. The focus is on training, but it is, in the end, a choice for the CV. Often, Area Managers or other SYNs will hold training sessions that highly benefit young CVs.

:bulletwhite:  How does supplies arrive and how are CVs usually transported back and forth between mainland?
    All transportation to and from the island is done via cargo ship. Rarely, a helicopter is used and usually only for emergencies. CVs are not able to order items online for delivery to the island.

:bulletwhite:  Is my character allowed to drink/smoke/etc?
    No. The Doctors disapprove because it inhibits fighting and decision making. They are slightly more lenient with smoking. Other drugs (illegal) are prohibited.

:bulletwhite:  Are there classes for my character to attend? Are they mandatory?
    There is a school located on the island, but only for "basic courses" and is by no means required of CVs living on the island (although for some other labs, it is). It is encouraged, however, that your CV does attend. The school holds classes three times a week, for 4 1/2 hours (1 class for each hour, breaks in between). The classes are as follows: Math, World Literature, Science (specifically targeting Chemistry and Physics), and History. Although, admittedly, those that teach the courses (usually the less-busy and in-training doctors) can sometimes have vary opinions of "basic" ...

:bulletwhite:  Do CVs get vacations? Can they leave the island when they want to?
    One may only leave the island with explicit permission. Vacations are given, but usually only three or so times a year for about a week. If one is leaving the island for any reason regardless, sign-out is required and proof is needed. Usually, not many CVs are allowed to leave unless it is for training or temporary mainland missions with a specific SYN escort.

:bulletwhite:  I saw apartments/flats/houses on the island map. Are CVs permitted to live there?
    No. The houses are reserved for the doctors, and the flats are for older CVs, generally SYNs and INFRAs but it's not exclusive. In short, your CVs (as members) must live in their assigned dorm room. Moderators may discuss with the admin about their SYNs or INFRAs living in flats.

:bulletwhite:  What are the dorms like?
    The dorm rooms are for anywhere from 2 to 4 people, gender separated and split according to CV type. Age is not a factor. The beds are able to be lofted as bunk-beds or arranged as CVs please, as room assignment does not often change. A few examples of rooming will be added soon.

:bulletwhite:  Where do CVs eat?
    There are a variety of food options available for CVs on the island, such a cafeteria located in the recreational center. There are some cafés in the plaza area, and a kitchen in the recreational center that is free for use.

:bulletwhite:  How does my character pay for things if they have no money?
    When a CV is created, they are issued an identification card that holds a certain “amount.” The ID card can be used to purchase (figuratively speaking) food from the locations mentioned above. The amount resets each year through a system update and does not transfer over. The photos on the IDs must be updated every two years, or when a CV transfers.

:bulletwhite:  Can CVs be in relationships?
    While relationships at CellVation Laboratories are not explicitly forbidden, they are usually frowned upon as the lab is supposed to be a place for training. Relationships are supposed to come second. If any two characters are caught in public displays of affection (beyond hand-holding or brief hug), it's highly likely that a superior will break it up and the offending will be scolded or reprimanded. However, as time has moved on, there is much more leniency.

:bulletwhite:  Are CVs allowed to own pets?
    Pets are NOT allowed in the dorms.

:bulletwhite: What exactly are Syndicytes and Inframits?
    Syndicytes (SYNs) and Inframits (INFRAs) are powerful experiments or determinants; these specifically appointed CVs are the best of the best. They help lead battles and keep everything peaceful around the island. Usually, a SYN is paired up with an INFRA, however there are a variety of "Solo-Syndicytes." They are generally a little more powerful on their own and are thus capable of being alone.

:bulletwhite:  How can you tell who is or is not one?
    SYNs and INFRAs will have a red hexagon on their person somewhere; either a pin, fabric pattern/mark, jewelry, etc. It must be visible.

:bulletwhite:  Is my character able to be a SYN or INFRA?
    No, members must have normal ranked CVs.

:bulletwhite:  What will happen if my character disrespects a SYN or INFRA?
    A reprimand or punishment will be issued, depending upon what the commanding CV deems necessary. Often times, with the more lax SYNs and INFRAs, a simple warning is given but that is not always the case.

:bulletwhite:  What are NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)?
    [ TO BE ADDED ]

:bulletwhite:  What are their purposes?
    [ TO BE ADDED ]

:bulletwhite:  Am I allowed to make one?
    [ TO BE ADDED ]

:bulletwhite:  Are we allowed to have more than one character in the group?
    [ TO BE ADDED ]